The Schedule of the Conference based on activities including Lectures , Practical Presentations and Video Programs is yet to finalize after allocating the Lectures / Presentations to the Experts. It will be finalized by mid of January .

The Conference theme moves around " The First , 6 years of the CHILD" . This complete Conference meant for explaining the participants that we must not ignore the science of this age group which is absolutely based on " Laws Of Nature " . The Growth of the CHILD is natural and the adults must facilitate the development in positive manner and never try to do against it. Create "WORK" for the CHILD to keep him busy / involved and concentrated because this work is going to help him create positive effect on his Personality. Freedom to work and freedom to play are the CHILD’s right.

We have tried to transform the essence of the theme in such a short period of 2 Days. First Day will be complete lectures based on theory / Observation/ Explanation by the speakers from 4 different countries along with beautiful videos of Montessori Pre-School Classrooms. Second day will be complete Practical Presentations of Sensorial along with other Montessori Subjects.


1- "Laws Of Nature", its role in the life of a CHILD. Responsibility of the adults ( Parents and Teachers especially ) How the "Montessori" progressing in Malaysia ?

2 - Brief Introduction of “Absorbent Mind "&" Sensitive Period ", there effect on the growth of the CHILD. What are the effect of Culture on the life of the CHILD ? How the "Montessori" progressing in Indonesia ?

3 - Role of the Teacher in Montessori Classroom and why training is so important ? Do you think it is wise to hand over the CHILD in a School where the teacher is not fully equipped with the developmental Science of the CHILD ? Prose & Cones . How the "Montessori" progressing in Indonesia ?

4 - Brief Introduction of Montessori Principles & Practices. Educating and informing Parents about Montessori Principles & Practices . How this job could be done effectively under the present circumstances when the parents have " No Time " ? How the "Montessori" progressing in Pakistan ?

5 - The Role of Educators in the life of the CHILD . What factors should be controlled in the School and Classroom by the Educator’s . How the "Montessori" progressing in Malaysia ?

6 - What Parents need to know and understand about their CHILD ? Role of Teachers , Administrator of the School and Principal / Headmistresses . How the "Montessori" progressing in Sri-Lanka ?

7 - Explanation of 5 Senses along with the Stereogonostic Sense Montessori Introduced . Their role in the development of the CHILD . How the "Montessori" progressing in Malaysia ?

8- Constructive Activities at Home to help your CHILD grow and glow by keeping him busy. How the “Montessori” progressing in Pakistan ?


1 - The CHILD's Work ( 19.56 mts)

2 - Toilet Learning (18.24)

3 - Support for Montessori Practice –New Teacher (16.30)

4 - Every Day Food ( 4.14 )

5 - My Morning (20.45 )

6 - Transition (18.43)

7 - My Day ( 7.1 )

8 - Hazel Sets Table (5.50)

9 - New Classroom (12.09 )

10 - The Bucket (9.10 )

11 - Observation and the Teacher (16.16)