5 Days Workshop in 2015





5 Days Workshop in 2014



5 Day International Montessori/Nursery (Foundation) Workshop / Montessori Exhibition

Postpone – New Date Will Be Announced Soon…
at Kualalumpur International Hotel, Malaysia.

It was in year 2006… when LMI visualized, introduced and implemented an innovative concept of conducting….

“5 Days Montessori/Nursery Foundation Workshop ” Breaking all geographical boundries ; that is in International Arena… in Dubai/ Sharjah in 2006, 2007 & 2008.

It was a revolutionary idea that everyone passionately embraced.. LMI was successful in making an educational impact ; emphasizing on all Aspects of The Montessori Method. The Participants who attended this workshop, coming from far distant land; India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka ,England to name of few, were Completely taken back beyond their expectation, bewitched by The Montessori Expertise and Exposure. LMI trainers/Expert Team rendered great impression in the minds of the multi racial participants.

Now….. Year 2014 LMI is conducting again 5 Days Montessori/Nursery Foundation Workshops in Malaysia ………………

In Bangkok ….14th February-18th February ’2015.

Once again LMI is delighted to be show casing some of LMI’S most proven talent of Master Trainers and will be Conducting 5 Days Workshop is making Montessori’s Dreams alive; increasing the emphasis on global opportunities, to create Montessori Awareness with the appropriate Montessori Apparatus and Montessorians ! The 5 Days Montessori Workshop focuses on….

Each day is exclusively devoted to each Montessori

Subjects;….Namely…E.P.L/Sensorial/Language/ Mathematics and Culture, Complete Presentation/ Demonstration /Explanation and Lecture on each subject, Montessori Philosophies/ Theories/Principles….. discussions, interaction, Question /Answers Session and Montessori Related Activities. In launching such a comprehensive Workshop, LMI’S approach is all about taking a giants leap forward into ”The International Montessori World’ and this attributes to LMI’S growing potential given the Participants concrete and intensified Montessori Knowledge.”

Along with a ”Workshop Attendance Certificate” which will be a Professional Asset in all parts of the world, in an atmosphere where Education is doom and gloom…for LMI becons of lights stand out rather starkly on a darking plain and exude….. Hope and Promise for The Future .

It is commendable how LMI, who enjoys impeccable credentials in it’s respective sphere of venture and is known for it’s deep insight and Montessori knowledge, have made and will continue to make untiring efforts for Montessori Growth.

LMI’S 5 Days Workshop…. will open new windows of thoughts and insight and will attempt to set clear concept, clarification and classification of Montessori’s Message.

LMI believes whatever it has achieved it is just the beginning …. LMI has a vision full of potential….targetting at ”Montessori for All”. LMI has a laboriously determined clear vision…of how it hopes and plans to upgrade Montessori awareness in the life style of every women first, then eventually The men…..In Malaysia and Bangkok…it will be fascinating to see how LMI will interact with people from all corners of the world.

LMI will inspire all to embrace ”Montessori” and together we will Teach and Learn to speak and Understand the same Language……

“Montessori Language’’






Discount packages are being offered for registering in 5-Days Montessori (Foundation) Workshop.

1- Charges for the workshop will be only MR 500( including 2-Teas & a lunch for 5-days along with International Certificate of attendance) if registered before 31 October,14. Net saving MR 200.

2- Group discount if any body register 5 participants than she will not pay any money…it means she will be free. But condition that registration be before 31 October,14. Net saving MR 700. Isn’t it not surprising.

3- Hotel Rooms on discounted rates.

                           FOR SAVING, ACT NOW.

Payment Can Be Done:
Amount USD

A)-By credit card /pay pal


B)-On-line payment to our A/C in Malaysia.

Our A/C in Malaysia Detail:

Title of A/C : London Montessori International SDN. BHD.Malaysia


A/C No. : 1415010043330


Name of the Bank : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad


Swift Code : BIMBMYKL


Bank address : No. 4 & 6, Wisma RKT, jalan Raja Abdullah-5300 Kuala Lampur, Malaysia,