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London Montessori International (PVT) Ltd. the parent Organisation founded on 15th.Feb.1990 in Pakistan.Since then LMI has gone through many ups and down during the last 25 years and it will be surprising for the readers that we have managed to achieve the major part of our objective set forth at the time of founding this organization.With the time we not only learned more and more about the Montessori philosophy and system but also mastered the most effective technique of TRAINING.We learned with the time that more the opportunity given to interact with the Trainers,more will be the chance to grasp fully the idea what the system tells.By the grace of almighty God,we have thus developed the Courses (in 23-years) which are comprised of:

a) 14-Months International Diploma Course-(Normal)
2.5 to 6 years age group.

b) 14-Months International Diploma Course-(Advance)
RESEARCH BASED 2.5 to 6 years age group.

c) 14-Monthly Symposiums in Class-room.

d) 14-Monthly Advance Conferences in Sheraton Hotel
(5-Star Hotel).

e)15-days Montessori/Nursery(Foundation)Teachers
Training Workshop once in a year in 3- major Cities
in 5-Star Hotel.

f) 3-One (Full) Day Seminars on 13-different topics based on Montessori philosophy in 3-major Cities in (5-Star Hotel).

g) Participation in 3-Major exhibitions full of knowledge held in 5-Star Hotels.

To conduct the above programs,more than 20-Montessori Expert Master- Trainers(AMI/LMI) take part.Detail of the Master Trainers you will find in this web-site. Also the details of the above programs are fully explained in this web-site.The sources for the training used are:

    1. Montessori lectures/demonstrations, literature.
    2. Montessori written Books.
    3. Internet information from different leading Montessori organizations.
    4. Valuable literatures from leading Organisations, few are:


-American Montessori Society(AMS,USA)

-North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA).

-Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF)

as the Chief Executive is the member of all above Organizations.

  1. -Information through Internet regarding the developmental work going on in the world based on Montessori’s theories, Observations etc.
    We have tried our level best to disseminate the fullest information through this website and shall try our level best to make it a symbol of MONTESSORI education.
    We are taking the help of TEXT type information ,VIDEO-clips.YOU-TUBES,GRAPHS and CHARTS to ascertain that we are honest in transferring the CONCEPT of Montessori system and philosophy to the readers.

In this website,you will find:

-Notice board for day today events/activities.

-Gallery to show you the Pics of various events in 23 years

-Detail information about rules regulations,FAQ’s

-Alumni of LMI where you can register on-line giving detail about you and when you graduated and from where.

-You will find on-line registration and payment mode where you can do it at your home through credit cards- first time in Pakistan by any Montessori Training Center or even educational Institute.

-You will find series of you-tube clips and video clips and face-book.

-We are working on giving you direct glimpses of our events when it happen.

-Also you will have an access to our Montessori material supply-go through product catalog and the price list and pay through credit cards on-line(For International Customers).
Local customers in Pakistan, may contact head Office for Product catalog ,Price list and order form.

-You can have a glance of academic/experience detail of Master Trainers.

-You can peep into our Branches,Class-rooms where students being taught,Material rooms where you will find students doing exercises,Master Trainers giving lectures and Presentations,Branch Coordinators busy in their work.Also you will be able to see lots of hard-worked projects/decorations by the Students in the Branches.

-You can see the pics of all our Graduates of 23-years-can see the pics of all the events happened in the past.(work in progress)

-You can also see the results of all the Position Holders in the past.


Being associated with a renowned and highly professional Organization like LMI,gives you diverse learning experience with exceptional opportunities to grow.

5 Days MontessoriWORKSHOP


It was in year 2006… when LMI visualized, introduced and implemented an innovative concept of conducting”5 Days Montessori/Nursery Foundation Workshop ” Breaking all geographical boundries ; that is in International Arena… in Dubai/ Sharjah in 2006, 2007 & 2008.



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